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garage door springs

The modest size of the torsion or, alternatively, extension springs belie their incredible strength and endurance – they are what makes the garage door open and close. Every spring on every garage door will get metal fatigue and snap, usually around the 10,000-cycle mark. When this happens, the door will not, and should not be operational. Complete replacement is the only fix for broken garage door springs.

Life Expectancy of Springs

Spring life expectancy is determined by daily use. One cycle is completed each time the door opens and closes. For standard 10,000-cycle springs, this accounts to a useful life of about fourteen years, assuming the door is operated two times/day. Obviously, the more cycles per day, the shorter the springs’ life expectancy. For large families with multiple drivers, extended lifespan torsion springs should be considered, which can last up to four times as long as standard springs.

What Causes Spring Failure?

In addition to normal wear and tear, garage door springs can break due to several other reasons, as well. Rust and corrosion; improper maintenance; damage or cold weather; and the use of incorrect springs can cause the springs to prematurely break and, ultimately, the garage door to fail.

Caution: Professional Repair is Required

Suspect spring failure? Do not continue operating the door as this can damage the door’s assembly. The risk of property damage or personal injury is also very real. Always contact a local garage door professional for repair. Just keep in mind that repair of broken garage door springs often requires the complete replacement of both springs. This is because they are likely on the same lifecycle.

Safety Warning: Until repairs can be made, unplug the opener from its power source, but do not disengage the door from the opener – especially if it was in open position when the spring failed as the door could come crashing down. The full weight of a crashing garage door can cause injury. Most repair professionals offer same-day or 24-hour emergency repair for springs.

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