Broken Garage Door Springs?

broken garage door springs

Nothing in life lasts forever including your garage door springs. In fact, they are generally only good for 10,000 cycles. How long is that? That’s a complicated question to answer. Determining just how long 10,000 cycles will last you depends on your and your family’s daily usage.

One cycle is expended each time you open and close your garage door. For example, let’s say that you are the only one in your family to use the garage door, and that you operate it in the morning to go to work and again at the end of the day when returning home. That counts as two cycles.

If you have school-aged children that leave and come in through the garage door via a wireless keypad, you’ve just expended two more cycles. That’s a total of four. Is there a second driver who uses the garage? Now you’re up to six cycles of day. See how easy it is to go through 10,000 cycles?

If you use your garage door…

  • 2 times per day, you can expect your springs to last 14 years. *
  • 4 times per day, you can expect your springs to last 7 years. *
  • 6 times per day, you can expect your springs to last 5 years. *
  • 8 times per day, you can expect your springs to last 3 years. *

No matter your individual situation, garage door springs are vital to ensuring your door remains functional, and to keeping you and your property safe from harm/damage. It is for this reason that it is imperative that when the spring breaks it is replaced by a professional garage door technician skilled in spring replacement (springs cannot be repaired) in a timely manner. Until that happens, you should halt all further use of the door, especially considering there is nothing supporting it.

The replacement of broken garage door springs – whether torsion or extension – is a complex task. One that is NOT do-it-yourself friendly! Without the proper expertise or tools, you run the risk of property damage or worse yet, personal injury to you or your loved ones. Don’t take those risks! Have your broken spring(s) professionally replaced by calling Tucson Garage Door Service today: (520) 423-4104.

*On average

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