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How It Works: The Garage Door

Your garage door may possibly be one of your home’s most prominent, visible elements, but how much do you really know about it? If you answered, “not much,” you’re not alone. The average homeowner doesn’t understand most, if any of the inner workings of a garage door, except that it opens and closes in response […]

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How To: Pick the Right Garage Door Opener

The garage: it’s where we park our vehicles, store our stuff, and conveniently access our homes. However, if the garage door opener isn’t functioning safely or properly, these advantages fall by the wayside. Even if yours is working just fine, newer models offer increased safety, security and convenience, making upgrading a worthwhile expenditure. Here we […]

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Garage Door Openers: Which Is The Best?

Are you thinking of buying a new garage door opener? Here, we share with you the different types of garage door openers on the market today, so that you can make an informed decision. Chain-Drive Garage Door Openers What They Are: Chain-drive openers are found in most garages. This is mostly attributed to the fact […]

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