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Broken Garage Door Springs

    The modest size of the torsion or, alternatively, extension springs belie their incredible strength and endurance – they are what makes the garage door open and close. Every spring on every garage door will get metal fatigue and snap, usually around the 10,000-cycle mark. When this happens, the door will not, and should […]

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Broken Garage Door Springs?

Nothing in life lasts forever including your garage door springs. In fact, they are generally only good for 10,000 cycles. How long is that? That’s a complicated question to answer. Determining just how long 10,000 cycles will last you depends on your and your family’s daily usage. One cycle is expended each time you open […]

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Garage Door Springs: What You Should Know

Like most homeowners, you’ve probably never given much thought to your garage door, let alone to your garage door springs. This oversight, however, is not only unfair but dangerous. The springs lift what just may be the heaviest and largest moving object within your home. In order to accomplish this feat, they are under an […]

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