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An Explosion In The Garage, But What Caused It?

This terrifying incident occurred inside a family’s garage early Monday morning in the town of Camp Verde.  Around 3 a.m. that family were awaken from their sleep when they hear a loud explosion! The explosion occurred in the garage and fortunately no persons were hurt by the explosion. After heading to the garage, it was […]

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Is It Time To Replace Your Garage Door?

It is inevitable. One day there will come a time when your garage door is in need of replacing. Thankfully, garage doors nowadays are built to have a longer lifespan but nonetheless, other factors like accidents and unpredictable weather can shorten this. How Do I Know When It Is Time To Replace My Garage Door? […]

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The Garage Door Basics For First-Time Garage Door Owners

It is important for a first-time garage door owner to feel comfortable with how the garage door and opener operate. Most homes have a sectional garage door that opens and closes by lifting the garage door up and back, then forward and down. Since the garage door is such a big accessory to the home, […]

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Garage Door, Safety and Concerns

Ensuring Garage Door Safety A garage is an asset for any homeowner, in terms of both extra space and security.  The extra space provided by a garage, can be used for virtually any reason, including – of course – storing your vehicle at the end of each day.  The security aspect of your garage can […]

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