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new garage door

How to Choose a New Garage Door

Designed for easy accessibility, most attached garages account for 30 percent of the home’s curb appeal; more if it accommodates two or three vehicles. This, along with its high return on investment (ROI), makes upgrading the garage door a popular home improvement project among today’s homeowners. In fact, according to the Cost vs. Value Report […]

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diy maintenance tasks

DIY Maintenance Tasks for Your Garage Door

  Most of today’s homeowners take their garage door for granted. Why shouldn’t they? It doesn’t do much more than open and close at the press of a button, which for the average family, can be more than four times a day. Fact check: Your garage door is probably the home’s most-used door, as well […]

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Noisy Garage Door or Roaring Beast?

  Does your garage door play havoc on your nerves each time it’s opened, or for that matter, closed? Does it make such horrible noises that it wakes the neighbors up when used in the middle of the night? Where’s All the Noise Coming From? Your garage door is made of up an intricate system […]

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