An Explosion In The Garage, But What Caused It?

Camp Verde BugleThis terrifying incident occurred inside a family’s garage early Monday morning in the town of Camp Verde.  Around 3 a.m. that family were awaken from their sleep when they hear a loud explosion! The explosion occurred in the garage and fortunately no persons were hurt by the explosion. After heading to the garage, it was discovered that the refrigerator had exploded and caused extensive damages to the garage and everything inside.

The Verde Valley Fire District units responded to the call shortly after to find an obvious damaged garage, broken garage door windows, and the homeowner’s very damaged vehicle. From what they analyzed, the unit explained that the explosion had blown the “two doors of the refrigerator, impacting the vehicle in the garage and the wall next to the living room” (Refrigerator explodes in garage, 2014).

What would cause the refrigerator to explode in the garage?

This is the answer that Fire Marshal Kristi Gagnon is still trying to determine. From doing a bit of research it appears that this is a plausible incident that can occur due to the refrigerator, regardless of what room it is placed in. The refrigerator is “designed with safety features to make sure the flammable gases inside the pipework do not leak into the fridge” (Product defect allegedly causes exploding refrigerator, 2013). The flammable gases that are being mentioned are isobutene and propane hydrocarbon gases.

If this is what caused the explosion, the scenario would be as follows; there was a design flaw in the refrigerator which allowed the pipelines to leak the flammable gases into the refrigerator (Product defect allegedly causes exploding refrigerator, 2013). Since the refrigerator was placed in the garage, this may have meant that it was not opened too often, which resulted in the flammable gases to build up. Once the thermostat switched off, this would have created a spark. This interaction between the spark and flammable gases then resulted in the explosion.

So What Happens Now?

Clearly, these homeowners are going to need more than garage door repair services, as their vehicle, garage, garage door, and the wall next to the living room were all damaged. The good thing is that most homeowners insurance cover damages that are caused by explosions. This means that these damages can all be fixed without having to financially take care of all the fees alone.



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