Garage Door Maintenance: Its Importance

garage door maintenance

Many people mistakenly believe their garage door doesn’t need to be maintained – often failing to provide it with much attention, if any, yet expecting it to work without a hitch four times per day. However, the ugly truth of the matter is that without garage door maintenance, your door simply won’t survive the pressures of everyday life; as it’s relied on daily.

If you’re anything like the average homeowner, your garage contains a spill-over of valuable items from your home, not including the vehicle(s) you drive. A malfunctioning garage door, however, can unfortunately be one of the weakest links in your home’s safety and security. This is why it’s extremely important for your door to be regularly checked and maintained.

Whether your door is made of steel, wood, aluminum, or any other material; it is highly recommended that it receive the proper maintenance every six months to ensure it doesn’t malfunction, or worse yet – break down completely (which can make for a dangerous situation). The benefits of preventative maintenance, many of which are listed below, far outweigh the cost.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

  • Ensures your home’s safety and security
  • Decreased risk of encountering costly garage door repairs
  • Increase in your door’s life expectancy
  • No interruptions in the convenience the door provides
  • Protection from inclement weather

Schedule Garage Door Maintenance Today

Tucson Garage Door Service’s experts have a wealth of knowledge, which guides them in providing you with the highest-quality inspection, and preventative maintenance services. Our preventative maintenance service will ensure your door maintains its strength and reliability. It includes:

  • Comprehensive system check (over 300 components)
  • Lubrication of all moving components
  • Check of the door’s weather seal
  • Necessary adjustments to the tracks and opener
  • Re-alignment of the door’s safety eyes
  • Re-adjustment of the opener’s force settings (as needed)
  • Re-adjustment of the spring’s tension
  • Verification of the door’s safe operation

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