Noisy Garage Door or Roaring Beast?

noisy garage door or roaring beast

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Does your garage door play havoc on your nerves each time it’s opened, or for that matter, closed? Does it make such horrible noises that it wakes the neighbors up when used in the middle of the night?

Where’s All the Noise Coming From?

Your garage door is made of up an intricate system of pulleys, cables, rollers, tracks, springs and gears. As with any electronic with this magnitude of moving parts, there are a number of problems that can occur.

Problems that can at one point or another cause your already – no garage door or opener runs completely silent – noisy garage door to become a roaring beast. And, depending on the age of your door, the noise may only grow in volume.

Whatever problem may be causing your garage door to be a roaring beast, it’s best to figure out the cause by first determining the type of opener you own, and then proceeding to eliminate any other problems you may be experiencing.

That said it’s imperative for your noisy garage door to be fixed in a timely manner in order to avoid becoming the least popular person on the block, or worst yet, before something goes majorly wrong.

Common Causes of a Noisy Garage Door

One of the most common causes of a noisy garage door has to do with the opener itself. If you have a chain drive opener, there’s going to be noise. It’s as simple as that. Screw and chain-drive openers are best for quiet operation.

As your garage door’s components begin to age, their parts can lose lubrication, which can cause them to noisily grind against each other. Hinges, bolts, screws and rollers on the door itself can also cause your door to become a roaring beast.

Is This a DIY Project?

In most cases of a noisy garage door, simply applying some top-quality silicone lubricant to the doors moving parts, as well as tightening any loose bolts can stop the noise from becoming even more annoying.

However, if you’re not comfortable performing these simple tasks, or if you suspect that there is a bigger issue with your door then you should immediately seek the help of a professional garage door repair company.

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