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Garage Door Maintenance: Its Importance

Many people mistakenly believe their garage door doesn’t need to be maintained – often failing to provide it with much attention, if any, yet expecting it to work without a hitch four times per day. However, the ugly truth of the matter is that without garage door maintenance, your door simply won’t survive the pressures […]

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An Explosion In The Garage, But What Caused It?

This terrifying incident occurred inside a family’s garage early Monday morning in the town of Camp Verde.  Around 3 a.m. that family were awaken from their sleep when they hear a loud explosion! The explosion occurred in the garage and fortunately no persons were hurt by the explosion. After heading to the garage, it was […]

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Garage Door Repair, Who To Call?

Owning a home with a garage door, whether automatic or manual, not only means that the value of your home goes up, but also that the owners must become familiar with the way the garage door functions. Listening for clues to identify any possible malfunction is crucial in preventing bigger issues and quickly getting the […]

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