The Garage Door Basics For First-Time Garage Door Owners

It is important for a first-time garage door owner to feel comfortable with how the garage door and opener operate. Most homes have a sectional garage door that opens and closes by lifting the garage door up and back, then forward and down. Since the garage door is such a big accessory to the home, knowing how to maintain its smaller moving parts is crucial, and sometimes, your newly bought home does not come with a garage door manual. So, we have provided important things to know about owning and maintaining a garage door.

Here are the basics for first-time garage door owners!

Garage doors are made up of smaller moving parts like springs, bearings, tracks, rollers, and hinges. All of these parts work together to lift the garage door and help to guide it up and back down when operated. For this reason, it is important that these parts are inspected as needed, especially if the garage door is susceptible to the effects of the environment (too much sun exposure, haboobs, flash floods, etc.).


It is recommended that you call a Professional Garage Door Service Company at least once a year to have the garage door inspected, maintained, and repaired, as needed. During the other months, it is up to you to maintain the garage door until then. As scary as this may sound for any first-time owner, it really is not too difficult to keep up. The key is to become familiar with the garage door’s anatomy. Like mentioned above, the anatomy includes hinges, springs, bearings, tracks, rollers, weather seals, insulation and more. During an inspection, take a look at each part and notice if the part needs cleaning and/or lubricating.

For example, the tracks do not need lubricating but they do require to be cleaned when dirty. If there is any debris in the way, this can cause issues with how the garage door will open and close because the rollers will become obstructed.
Lubricating Garage Door Parts:

There is one thing to consider before lubricating any garage door part,  are the rollers made of nylon or steel?

  • If they are steel, you can use a nonsilicon-based lubricant like engine oil to lightly lubricate the rollers.
  • If nylon, then avoid lubricating. Instead, carefully lubricate the bearings while ensuring the oil is away from the nylon rollers.

Lightly lubricate the following parts with a nonsilicon-based lubricant, as needed:

  • Hinges
  • Springs
  • Bearings

Owning a home with a garage door does not have to be stressful for any first-timer. Tucson Garage Door Service is here to provide important information and when there is an issue with your garage door, we can determine the problem, provide the parts that need replacing, and even help create a garage door maintenance plan tailored to your garage door. If you are concerned about safety, we have a detailed blog on Ensuring Garage Door Safety, visit to learn more!


Are you currently having issues with your garage door and/or garage door opener?

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