Thoughtful Gifts for Mom

thoughtful gifts for mom

Celebrate mom this Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 13, 2018!) by making her life easier with thoughtful gifts that aren’t really gifts at all. Delight mom by washing her car, organizing the garage, upgrading the garage door opener, or installing a parking assist this Mother’s Day.

Thoughtful Gifts She’ll Love

Wash Her Car

Most moms spend a lot of time in their cars, shuffling kids to and from school, ballet or soccer practice, and visits to the pediatrician. Surprise her with a clean car – inside and out. You can either do-it-yourself or take it to a full-service car wash. Don’t forget to clean the interior by throwing away all the trash, vacuuming up the Goldfish crackers, dusting the dashboard, and freeing the windows of smudges.

Systemize the Garage

A clean and organized garage provides room for her hobbies as well as space to safely park the vehicles. Trash, donate, or sell items that there are multiples of or that no longer serve a useful purpose. Install organizational systems such as overhead racks, shelving units, and pegboard with hooks for the rest. Store similar items together, label clear storage containers, and keep frequently used items within reach for easy accessibility.

Upgraded Garage Door Opener

Give mom peace of mind with a smart garage door opener. Thanks to modern technology, she can now monitor the door using her smartphone or tablet – anytime, anywhere. She can also choose to receive instant notifications whenever the door is operated (or accidently left open!). Many smart garage door openers allow remote operation and are compatible with other smart home devices as well.

Install a Laser Garage Parking Assist

Laser parking guides can cut down on dings and scratches to her car doors; especially in tight spaces. Once installed, this accessory helps her identify the perfect parking spot every time the garage door is opened. The way it works is simple: As the door opens, a laser beam is automatically activated, and projected on the hood of her car until it hits a predetermined spot on the dash.

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